Was zuvor geschah

25. 5. 2016, Facebook (Nils Frahm)

„excited to announce that my second sheet music book SHEETS ZWEI will be released on the 29th of june and is available for pre-order. the book contains specially selected artwork by my father Klaus Frahm, illustrated instructions on how to prepare your piano and a digital pass to download audio copies of the titles featured in each book. enjoy!“

25. 5. 2016, Facebook (meine Chronik)

„This is excellent news (and hopefully will get me back to my piano).“

13. 6. 2016, Facebook (Piano Day)

„Dear piano lovers,
would you like to celebrate the launch of the second book of sheet music and art „Sheets Zwei“ together with Nils Frahm and friends in London and to play one of his pieces? Contact Manners McDade on FB or twitter before 16th June and they will choose 3 people at random to come to the party and make sure you have a fun evening!“

13. 6. 2016, Twitter

„Celebrating the release of ‚Sheets Zwei‘ in London, with @nilsfrahm? Yes, please!!! I’ll do ‚Ambre‘ (from ‚Sheets Eins‘).“

15. 6. 2016, Twitter

„We’d love you to play. Please contact us (details on website).“